Video recordings 2015

Day 1

Opening: What is Rāja-Yoga education?

Lecture 1: A new light on education: from ’nature/nurture’ to reincarnation

Lecture 2: How can we recognize the phases of development in the reincarnating child?

Results workshop 1

Lecture 3: Why the first three years are so important in Rāja-Yoga education

Lecture 4: How the young child discovers its world ánd its conscience

Results workshop 2

Lecture 5: Phases of human incarnation

Day 2

Opening: What is Rāja-Yoga?

Lecture 6: Independent thinking wakes up again

Lecture 7: Rāja-Yoga: inspiration for each education

Results workshop 3

Lecture 8: Puberty: free will and the struggle with ideals

Lecture 9: Grown-up: and now keep on education yourself!

Plenary discussion

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