Video recordings 2014

During the symposium, lectures have been recorded and can be watched (temporary) on this site. If you would like to order the recordings, mail to: audiovideo[at] (replace [at] for @). Recordings are available in different audio and video formats (cd, mp3, dvd or .mov)

Day 1

Lecture 1: Do we have consciousness, or are we consciousness?

Lecture 2: Brain, mind and consciousness

Lecture 3: States of consciousness – which glasses do we use when looking at life

Result workshops: How consciousness changes our brain

Lecture 4: Changes of the brain: Examples

Lecture 4 (German version): Veränderungen des Gehirns: Beispiele

Day 2

Lecture 1: Expanding consciousness by resonance – never too late to resonate

Lecture 2: Pre en Post Mortem states of consciousness

Lecture 3: Three levels of memory: instinct, conscience and intuition

Result workshops: Know Thyself (again)

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