Video recordings 2013

During the symposium, lectures have been recorded and can be watched (temporary) on this site. If you would like to order the recordings, mail to: audiovideo[at] (replace [at] for @). Recordings are available in different audio and video formats (cd, mp3, dvd or .mov)

Day 1

Lecture 1: Wonderment: there must be more behind this!

Lecture 2: Man a spiritual explorer

Lecture 3: Thinking like Socrates – recognizing spirituality

Lecture 4: More light on spirituality

Lecture 5: How does spirituality or compassion affect our lives?

Lecture 6: Spiritual impulses before the foundation of The Theosophical Society in 1875

Day 2

Lecture 1: On our way – is compassion a choice?

Lecture 2: Developing spirituality for a harmonious society

Lecture 3: No initiation without trial

Lecture 4: The spiritual society… a matter of practice

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