Theme I.S.I.S. Symposium 2017: Compassion and Wisdom – Keys to a harmonious and healthy world – May 20, 2017

It is clear that the world is far from harmonious. But to think that the world will always stay disharmonious, is a delusion based on nothing but prejudice and a limited vision. During this symposium we aim to develop a fundamentally different vision of life, mankind and society, showing that the core of every human being is a source of wisdom and compassion.

The following questions take the center stage

  • What is the cause of the sick world and how can we heal it again?
  • How do you discover the ever-present Compassion in yourself (and others …)?
  • If we recognize Compassion, how can we apply it?
  • Where can you nd the solutions to the problems in your own life and in society
  • And, how do you help others to nd the same answers in themselves?

A symposium about the deepest Core of ourselves!
The symposium will, similar to previous years, be an interactive process. Lectures will be alternated with workshops in which all visitors can verify the proposed ideas with their own experiences and those of others.

New Babylon Meeting Center (2nd floor)

Anna van Buerenplein 41a
The Hague 

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