Symposium 2016

The venue of the symposium has been changed

The new Location is:

New Babylon Meeting Center (2nd floor)
Entrance: Anna van Buerenplein 41a

The New Babylon Meeting Center is close to Den Haag CS and accessible by public transport and by car.

Universal Rights of the Reincarnating Man

How to make the world a more peaceful and harmonious place

The universal declaration of Human Rights and other universal values are accepted largely throughout the different nations in te world. Nonetheless they are violated very often on a smaller or larger scale. They are not yet the inspiring inner measure that they ought to be. Most people intuitively know that these rights are universal, but they don’t have the deeper understanding yet why.

In the Theosophia, the source of all spiritual impulses in the world, we find the Declaration of the Rights of Man. The deeper our understanding of the Cosmic Laws, the fundamental unity of the cosmos and ourselves as reincarnating beings, the better we get to understand the Universal Declaration of Man moraly. And by doing so, learn to live in compliance accordingly our conscience.

Questions that will be discussed during the symposium are: What are the Rights and Duties of the Reincarnating Man? Is it possible for humanity to live in peace and harmony? To what extent do human laws reflect the Cosmic Laws? What will the world look like when we, as a human beings, learn to cooperate with the Cosmic Laws?

As usual, the symposium will be an interactive meeting. Lectures are alternated with workshops in which the visitors can examine the presented ideas to their own experiences and those of others.

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